Bulgarian Rock Band B.T.R. Hits Toronto Stage This March


One of the most popular rock bands in Bulgaria – B.T.R. goes through several stages in its development.

InDSC09487itially the group was established by three students from the classical school in Sofia, Bulgaria. In 1988  after several changes of band members, the first more serious appearance comes up. After another four years on the market they release their debut album, but shortly after its release the group splits up. Some of the musicians continue forward when they meet a French producer who organized their participation in several festivals in France.

In 1995 . B.T.R. was the opening band for Iron Maiden on their visit to Bulgaria. The real success comes with the release of the album ” B.T.R. ’97 ” . Future album editions made the group one of the most popular names in the musical life in Bulgaria.

2014 gives the beginning of sensational musical collaboration between rock legends from B.T.R. and John Lawton vocalist best known for his work with Lucifer’s Friend, Uriah Heep and the Les Humphries Singers. A series of performances of this star tandem are part of various rock festivals and concerts.


Through the years B.T.R extends their experience performing in Greece, Romania,England, China, Germany and many more countries. The concert in Toronto is part of their first Canadian tour. 1274621_722767374416060_1468148108_o

The band will appear in Toronto on March 15 at REVIVAL BAR (783 College Str.)

and the show will definitely rock!


INFO: 647 740 3358




This is the song “Spasenie” (salvation) from the 1998 album “Sedem Baladi” (Seven Ballads)

B.T.R. Newest single “Zabravenata nejnost” (Forgotten Tenderness)