Exciting Balkan Musical Bands hit Toronto Stages in June 2016

ORATNITZA (www.oratnitza.org) – a very special guest straight from Sofia, Bulgaria, will come with a bang of a tapan, cahon,didgeridoo, and a kaval. Oratnitza is one of the new-born Bulgarian world-music-inspired bearers of traditional folk music in the last decade. pre promo

Oratniza’s music is a blend of folk melodies, orthodox-style chanting, distant aboriginal themes, hip-hop, dubstep, trap D’n’B, and irregular rhythms. Oratniza interprets Bulgarian traditional songs in a way that our generation can truly embrace.


Oratnitza brings you thrilling, rolling Bulgarian ethnobass and it’s 100% live!


Advanced Tickets: $20


At the Door: $25



Doors: 8pm
Flamingo’s Restaurant
385 The West Mall,
Creative Visual Solutions 3
Eglise “St. Ivan Rilsky”,
1191, boul. Sauve est


Fanfare Ciocarlia / Lemon Bucket OrkestraFanfare_Ciocarlia copy (1)

Club Series
Wed Jun 29 9:00pm
Ticket Price:
Ticket Information:

8:00pm Doors
9:00pm Lemon Bucket Orkestra
10:30pm Fanfare Ciocarlia


Fanfare Ciocarlia

Devil’s Tale

Fanfare Ciocarlia join forces with Canadian guitar wizard Adrian Raso

Legend has it that the Devil likes to lay in wait at crossroads, all the better to pilfer the innocence and souls of unsuspecting travelers. But not all deals forged at such spots bring ruin and death. Indeed, Fanfare Ciocarlia’s latest musical pact approaches brilliance, a far cry from fire and brimstone.

The brass band legends from the remote Romanian village of Zece Prăjini have simmered in countless concert halls around the world. At the end of the 1990s their
unique style of play made famous a musical genre that almost no one had ever heard of. Ever since, these Romanians have been constantly on the road, bringing their
audiences in Berlin, Memphis and Tokyo to new levels of frenzy. On their dented and beat-up instruments, they make it crystal clear what it’s all about: passion and the
willingness to take musical risks of any kind. This globetrotting, 12-necked, brassband hydra has already turned the planet on its head with breathtaking
collaborations: legendary shows like “The Gypsy Queens & Kings” and the “Balkan Brass Battle” are just two examples.

Together with their new touring companion – the Canadian guitar and banjo virtuoso Adrian Raso – a different story is now being told, and fêted with consistent and
consistently erratic style!

The Romanians and the Canadian first found one another in 2013 at the Metal Works Studio in Toronto, where they proceeded to produce an album over a series of
nighttime recording sessions. Since its spring 2014 release the album has been an international sensation. Adrian Raso’s background in Western music and Fanfare
Ciocarlia’s unmistakable Balkan sound fuse into hearty Rock’n’Roll, persistent swamp grooves and nostalgic 30s swing, very much in the spirit of Django Reinhardt.
A wild ride from New Orleans, over the Atlantic and onto Paris, and then, untiringly, deep into the Balkans, through the derelict streets of Detroit and back to urbane
Toronto. All the while, Fanfare Ciocarlia follows guitarist Adrian Raso on the remotest stylistic tangents with remarkable ease. They assist, heighten the pressure, take the
lead, soften the energy, intensify the plethora of sounds and elaborate the ironic diversions. The guitar holds the reins while the tuba and trumpets lead the way. The
heart of the music is king!

Listen up! The charm of Devil’s Tale could bewitch even old Mephisto himself!
Current album: Devil’s Tale (Ranked #1 on World Music Charts Europe and the winner of the German Music Critics’ Prize). Released on Asphalt Tango Records.