Bulgarian Christmas Party | Dec 12, 2015

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Eva Naydenova, Krasimir Guylmezov and Violeta Gylmezova are part of the Bulgarian pop formations – TONIKA DOMINI .

The formation TONIKA has been performing for more than 40 years. During that time, the group has changed slightly its composition, members joined and left, but the core and the driving force always remained  the wonderful four, Georgi /Gogo/ Naydenov and Eva Naydenova, Krasimir Guylmezov and Violeta Gylmezova. The group has often been identified as the Bulgarian counterpart of the famous Italian group RICCHI E POVERI. As a matter of fact, TONIKA and RICCHI E POVERI have developed a very good relationship based on respect and collaboration through the years, they had two joint concerts and they are planning a joint performance which is to take place in 2016 in the biggest Bulgarian hall, Arena Armeec in Sofia.
After Georgi /Gogo/ Naydenov passed away in 2014, the remaining three members Eva Naydenova, Krasimir Guylmezov and Violeta Gylmezova formed the latest format of the group named TONIKA DOMINI, but, still, they keep and convey the sense of belonging and values associated with just the name TONIKA – the eternal, adored and, arguably, the most successful pop formation in Bulgarian pop music.
It is aware that they have had numerous performances and concerts, not only in Bulgaria, but also abroad, in  Germany, Norway, Poland, Russia, and all their performances have always been welcomed and cherished by the audience.


Dimitar Tudzharov – better known as gis artistic name “Shkumbata” has earned the acclaim as one of the best national comedians. Through his various performances worldwide he has managed to get the attention of the audience with his innovative sense of humor.

Shkumbata was one of the first Bulgarians to follow the western style of one man show performance and introduce it to the Bulgarian public. Apart from a comedian he is known as the best imitator of some political figures and people from the entertainment industry during the 80s.