Theater Play – The Marriage Illusion

The theater play “The Marriage Illusion”, deals with the very fine and delicate matter of love, family and family relationships. The topic is painfully relevant since, on the one hand, it is one of those eternal values, and, on the other hand, family relationships are often of increasing importance for migrant communities. The performance is characterized by rather stark sets and quite unconventional approach to the topic through the application of sarcasm and farce. It is based on Eric Assous’s play, “The Marriage Illusion’. Eric Assous is a popular French playwright who has mastered irony, sarcasms and self-irony and has turned them into powerful tools to depict relationships.

Marius Donkin, Elena Petrova and Valentin Talev are one of the most beloved actors out of Bulgaria known not only from the many Theatrical Plays they performed but also from the TV.

SUNDAY, SEP 27, 2015


“St. Dimitar” Bulgarian Eastern Orthodox Church – 1555 Steels Ave. West, Brampton, ON


Tickets available from Aug 25, 2015

For immediate reservation call 647 740 3358

Admission: $25