Theatre Play “Yavorov, Mina and Lora……”

RADIO BULGARIAN VOICE and BALKANTO kindly invite you to The Theatre Play “Yavorov, Mina and Lora at the time of the blue mist”. Profits will support the Bulgarian Pavilion at Carassauga 2017

Language: Bulgarian | No subtitles

The play ” Yavorov , Mina and Lora at the time of the blue mist ” (“Яворов, Лора и Мина в часа на синята мъгла” ) will tell about the tragic love of Peyo Yavorov who is considered to be one of the finest poetic talents of Bulgaria. Most of his poems are romantic in subject, and dedicated to the two women in his life — Mina Todorova and Lora Karavelova. The play is directed by Boyko Iliev. Each character deals with the eternal questions – about love and hate, loyalty and duty, lies and truth, selfishness and selflessness, sin and redemption.

Ivan Radoev, Elena Petrova and Mariela Topalova are well known actors out of Bulgaria not only from the many Theatrical Plays they performed but also from the Bulgarian Television. The theatrical play will be presented during the yearly Bulgarian Art Festival in Canada.

Event is: 7+

General Admission $30-$35

Kids: 7-16 : $25