GLORIA live in Toronto

Friday MAY 23 @ 8PM –

“Sts. Cyril and Methody Hall” – 237 Sackville str. Toronto


gloria poster

For two decades, Gloria is an example of uncompromising good quality of music, texts, videos, presence on the stage and behavior in society. Musicologists have called her long time ago the grand lady of pop-folk and this has not happen by accident. Gloria is the most acclaimed folk singer – winner of all prestigious awards in the genre. The popularity

of the singer has long ago been transferred beyond the territory of Bulgaria and her name is well known in all the countries in the Balkans. Performers in neighboring countries have made cover versions of many of her songs. In all the songs of the singer every

one can find a piece of himself – starting from the smallest connoisseurs of her music, to whom she has dedicated her songs “The Children”, “God’s Gift”, “Joy-anxiety”, “Cinderella”,


“Simona”, “My first award”, etc., going through the teenagers who are recognizing their feelings and aspirations in her songs “Happiness is magic”, “For better or worse”, “My best friend”, “Play violina” and many others, and coming to the grown up people fascinated by her since re-confessions in the songs “I can not live without you”, “Stolen moment”, “Stretch your arms, take me”, “Eyes like stars”, “Perfect people do not exist”, “Welcome” and dozens of others. Particular emphasis in the discography of Gloria are the masterpieces dedicated to the eternal values, to the patriotism and to the affection to the nearest to our heart people. The songs “Bulgarian”, “Nostalgia”, “Do not get old, Mom”, “Desolate beauty”, “Balkan soul” are masterpieces which are remaining forever among the favorite songs of the audience.