BALKAN DUENDE | Anton Apostolov and guests | Global Balkan Jazz Event


Balkan Duende PosterBalkanto Entertainment has the extreme pleasure to invite you 
to the first and one of a kind concert part of the new Toronto Balkan Festival.


Glenn Gould Studio

250 Front St W, Toronto, ON M5V 3G5


Anton Apostolov’s Green Sky Project and Guests

Hosted by BALKANTO on – SEP 30 – Toronto; OCT 1 – Montreal;

the concert will feature Ontario based musicians



Anton Apostolov – guitar / vocals


Scott Metcalfe – piano

Jacek Karlowski – guitar

Justin Grayacoustic and electric bass

Nikola Gaidarovkaval / authentic wooden flute



Guest musicians

Ksenia Grigoriak- vocal and piano
Sunjung Park – piano



Guests musicians from Europe:

Stoyan Yankoulov internationally renowned drummer and percussionist

Valeri Dimchevthe master of the Bulgarian tamboura.

Initiated by Anton Apostolov – Ontario Based musician the event will represent:

 A musical voyage into the heart of the Balkans and Eastern European musical traditions presented by Ontario musicians & international guests. Featuring some of the most current compositions of Ontario recognized musician Anton Apostolov touched also by his passion of flamenco, the concert will represent ancient sounds and modes intertwining with new musical arrangements by some of the virtuosos of the ensemble. The meeting between the 7 master- musicians, between strings exotic wooden instrument and vocals goes back in time to evoke the beauty of being. It is a joint passage through the common sites of the imagination, like a long breath before the inexorable march of the world and time.

Without doubt, this concert will transport you to a soul-stirring world of passionate musical dialogues! A diverse repertoire, from insanely fast dance tunes to heart wrenching songs, often in complex rhythms and exotic scales; and its 100% live.

Do not miss the opportunity to experience this unique musical event.


 Friday, September 30th, 2016 at 8:00pm at the Glenn Gould Studio, Toronto                                                  

Tickets and information: starting July 20, 2016 or  and  or call BALKANTO at 647 740 3358

About BALKANTO: Canadian organization committed to work on the Globalization of Canadian Culture and to promote Eastern European music, arts and culture in Canada,  by introducing Canadian and Foreign Art to Canadian  audience and organizing cultural events –  festivals, cultural days, concerts, etc.


About Musicians:


Scott Metcalfe is one of the most sought-after piano players in the Toronto music scene.

Jacek Karlowski is multifaceted jazz guitar player and composer.

Justin Gray is a rising star acoustic and electric bass player, composer and band leader in the international music scene.

Nikola Gaidarov is virtuoso kaval player who represents the new generation of folk musicians, creating his own high energy style of playing.

STOYAN YANKOULOV – breaks and stretches the traditional way of playing percussion instruments by applying new techniques and non-standard musical ideas. He is playing jazz, pop, rock and ethnic music. Combining authentic folklore with new ways of expression with percussion instruments Stoyan Yankoulov reveals the unlimited variety and emotional intensity of the unique Bulgarian culture.

VALERI DIMCHEV – the master of the Bulgarian tamboura, composer and producer is one of the foremost musicians in Bulgaria. His music and professionalism goes beyond boundaries. Valeri participate in many international projects and performed at many folk and jazz festivals around the world.